Coping With the Lulls

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

So you’re committed to being an actor. You’ve built your reel, set up your website, scored the perfect headshots and put the final touches on your resume.

You’re putting in your 10,000 hours. Magic starts to happen. You start getting callbacks for bigger projects. You book a co-star. Then one day you suddenly find you are working steadily! Your dream is coming true. You just know “the role” you’ve been preparing for and wishing for is just around the corner. And then….THE LULL.

How and why did this happen?

Who knows. But all of a sudden you look at the calendar and realize you haven’t booked a thing in weeks. Maybe months. It’s it over? Did this mean you don’t have what it takes? Did you miss your window? Do something wrong? Piss off Karma?


The truth is even the most successful actors can occasionally experience a dry spell, and actors just breaking into the biz will fall into these lulls more than once on their journey. The difference between those who break out of the lull and elevate their career to the next level and those who let their career fizzle out and die comes down to a simple equation: Success = Decision + Action + Commitment. When you find yourself in a dry spell you must keep taking action and stay committed.

Meditation is a great tool for actors in a lull

Action is a hard thing to sustain through a dry spell. We’d all rather be in rehearsals or on set. When that’s not an option there’s plenty of other actions you can take to keep your momentum going. Go to more classes and workshops than usual. Work new sides. Fine tune your website. Update your resume. Go to events and network. Work as an extra. Do community theater. Just stay focused. Focus produces velocity!