Embracing Your Type

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

I recently spent a night talking about type casting with a group of extremely talented professional actors and actresses.

More than a few (who were lovingly dubbed “The Resistance,”) wanted desperately to be cast outside their type. Now, keep in mind we’re talking about people just breaking into the business – that’s an important factor in the equation.

Our group leader, the amazing Jen Rudolph, founder of The Actor’s Green Room, summed it up nicely. She advised to embrace our type and use our niche to get in the door. Basically at the beginning of your career people in the business just want to see if you can show up to set on time, deliver your lines successfully and prove you’re reliable. We all want to show our range, but that comes later. And type is not a bad thing! Even the Hollywood greats mostly have their niche type.

I for one am happy in my type. I like the roles my badass type brings me. I find that even within being type cast I can show my range. Sometimes the bad girl is arrogant, sometimes she’s aggressive, sometimes seductive. She can be dramatic or funny. It’s all in finding the layers within the character. You might not get to show your character’s full range, but if you’re doing your job, it’s all there under the surface supporting your performance.

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